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What are they and why do we use cookies?

Cookies are text files placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. Your first party cookies are set to the domains you are currently visiting. Third party cookies are set on domains other than those of the websites you visit, such as cookies set by services used by the domain you are visiting. The information collected by cookies does not retain the names, the data filled in the forms or other personal data of this kind, but they contain a unique ID to distinguish one visitor from another, which makes this ID personal.

Cookies can be used for various purposes. First of all, it may be necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the website. For example, without cookies, it can be difficult for the website to remember that you are logged in or added products to your shopping cart. These are called necessary cookies , and are active automatically, and are not subject to the consent of the visitor. Also in the category of required cookies are those placed to display non-personalized advertising.

Analysis cookies collect information about how visitors use a web page, such as which pages are most popular, which method of linking pages is most effective, and whether users receive error messages from webpages . These cookies allow us to give our users a high-quality user experience and also allow us to measure the audience of the web pages. They are designed to help improve the way our website works. Even if cookies are unique, website usage statistics are not related to individual people.

To choose not to be tracked by Analytics, please visit

Thirdly, when we plug in social networking plug-ins, they place social media cookies to allow content playback (eg youtube, soundcloud) to enable you to log in using a third party service (such as Facebook or Google) as well as to give you the opportunity to appreciate or distribute a page or product to your favorite social media service.

A fourth major reason we can use cookies is to allow personalization of online advertising. Customizing your advertising is how the online industry is working now and that allows websites not to charge visitors fees but to fund advertising. Advertisers are interested in reaching the relevant audience categories for their products and services, which means selecting certain categories of visitors to display those ads. Typically, by selecting those categories, brands do not process personal data, but the profile that is created for visitors is based on data collected through advertising profiling cookies.

You can choose not to be profiled by Google for advertising by going to

What cookies do we use?

The cookies placed when you visit our site are as follows:

a. Cookies strictly required

Cookie Name: 4a2fdab73c5ab32ed9249301858e5c94
Cookie Purpose : This is a persistent CMS frontend cookie that will be automatically deleted when the browser is closed.
Life: session

Cookie Name: cookieconsent_status
Cookie Purpose : Memorizes the choice to accept or deny all or part of cookies.
Life: 1 year

Cookie name: qos_token
Cookie Purpose : A third party cookie used by our OpenStreetMap road map provider to ensure that it does not receive too many requests during a certain amount of time.
Life: session

b. Traffic Analysis Cookies: -
c. Social Network Cookies: -
d. Ad Profiling Cookies: -

7.3 Your cookie options
Cookie options are configurable within our site - you can choose the level you want, the default is to only accept the required cookies. Using these settings on our site may not delete the cookies already set. You can delete cookies from your web browser settings as described below; however, this option will delete persistent cookies that could store your preferences and customized settings on our page, which will lead to the need to re-select (and eventually re-authenticate your accounts). Note also that your browser can allow you to specify which websites always have or never have permission to use cookies. You can find more details on how to delete cookies or how to manage cookies on different browsers by accessing the links below:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS. 

IAB has provided the following web page to specifically provide information about privacy issues related to Internet advertising:
Comprehensive information on how organizations use cookies is available on:

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